Sail Rincon Puerto Rico

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Rincon Snorkel and Sail Charter

For the Snorkel/Day sail you meet the Captain at 930am for the sign in and payment. You then board the skiff for the short ride out to the Katarina. Boarding the big boat is a breeze, easy for even the most tired knees.

Snorkel Trips in Rincon

Snorkel Trips in Rincon

On board the boat we have a stocked cooler full of all you can drink ice cold sodas, Medalla Light and our famous Rum Punch and Pina Coladas. We cast off the mooring and sail out to the west as we decided which of our wonderful snorkel spots to explore. The Captain and mate will point out the sights and give a brief history of the area. If in the season (January-March) we may spot Humpback Whales at anytime during the sail so keep your eyes to the horizon because you never know when one will come to the surface. At all times during the year dolphins and manatees are spotted from our bow as well as sea turtles and many marine birds.

When we arrive at our snorkel spot we drop anchor and lower our descending steps into the water for everyone to enter/exit the water. The crew will provide an overview of the area and what marine life can be expected, like tropical fish and corals. The crew will then provide snorkel gear for the guests and give a brief guide on how to use it.

Enjoying the Sun

Enjoying the Sun

While the guests are out snorkeling the crew is on board preparing the lunch for guests. Fresh made lunch of vegetable pinwheels and grilled chicken pasta salad provided by Escape @ Casa Verde Restaurant. Fresh fruit and crackers provided as well. The rolls are vegetarian, if you have other dietary needs, please bring something suitable for you to enjoy for lunch. After everyone eats we set sail again. Heading out to the west in the Mona Passage we often times cross between the Caribbean and the Atlantic.

While sailing we enjoy trolling our lucky lure on our fishing pole behind the boat. We caught a few good fish last season including a 50+pound kingfish, a large mahi-mahi and several blackfin tuna. Anyone on board who likes to fish is welcome to reel in the fish but the crew keeps any catches. All the while we are sailing, enjoying the views of the west coast and listening to great music, we gradually make our way back to the mooring and the skiff. The snorkel sail ends at 1pm. Don’t forget to tip the crew!

“Tan Your Can” Day Sails:

$75 per person, children under 12: $37.50
Our Day Sails are approximately three and a half hours long and generally leave somewhere between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM, depending on the season.