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locals enjoy a week of gorgeous sunsets

Good Times Good Friends

Good Times Good Friends

This week the Katarina set sail with several groups of local business owners, finally getting their chance to enjoy an evening with friends and family.

Tamboo Bar and restaurant owners celebrated their daughters birthday, Happy Birthday Patricia!

The Pool Bar owners also enjoyed a private sail with a group of their close friends.

Afternoon clouds have made for spectacular sunsets this week!

Redeye and Casa Verde crew take sunset by storm

Redeye does it again with other wild bunch for sunset! The Rock Bottom at Casa Verde crew enjoyed a gorgeous sunset and came away with a large barracuda! Too bad the eatins no good for that one!

Jan 9th Threatening skies = amazing rainbows!

Jan 9, 2012
Monday sunset started out with a slight mist in the air. The people were a bit skeptical about the weather but I knew it would clear up. We sailed out and the weather cleared up. Towards sunset we ended up getting the best double rainbow I’ve ever witnessed in Puerto Rico . . . (oh my god, double rainbow, what does this mean???)
The other half of the rainbow

The other half of the rainbowdouble rainbow sunset sail

big double rainbow

New Snorkel Bomb Champion

Angela, from the Rum Shack, is now the new snorkel bomb champion of Rincon! Runner up Angel was sword-beaten for the loss. Don’t be afraid, no one was really hurt and a good time was had by all!
The Snorkel Bomb
In case you are wondering, a snorkel bomb is when a guest on the boat drinks a beverage of their choice, extremely fast through a snorkel.